Which exchange has the best price for the Bitcoin Dollar?

Getting foreign currency to escape inflation, and the continued rise in the price of the dollar, can be quite an odyssey. That is why, in this content, we will compare the 3 most important crypto exchanges in Argentina: SatoshiTango, Ripio and ArgenBTC. This way we can see which exchange can get the best quote for the Bitcoin Dollar.

As we well know, the dollar is used by Argentines to escape from the terrible economic conditions in which they find themselves. It functions as a safe haven from the gradual death of the peso.

But, nothing is as easy as it seems. For Argentines have serious limitations in accessing these currencies. This makes the U.S. dollar scarce and the black market takes over, better known as the Blue dollar.

That’s why more and more Argentines are migrating to the

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especially Bitcoin, as a means of escaping the tight controls imposed by the governments in power. This, in turn, has made the crypto exchanges important, and the Bitcoin Dollar important, in Argentina

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Exchanges in Argentina: SatoshiTango, Ripio or ArgenBTC
Among the various crypto exchanges in Argentina, we have these 3 SatoshiTango, Ripio and ArgenBTC. In which exchange can you get the best quote for the Bitcoin Dollar?

First of all, the Bitcoin Dollar index is calculated by dividing the price of BTC on the Argentine crypto exchanges in the local currency and dividing it by the value that Bitcoin quotes on the international markets.

The Bitcoin Dollar Index was born in Argentina as a natural response to the restrictions placed by the governments of the day on the buying and selling of the US dollar. It is the main refuge for many Argentines who do not want to see their savings reduced over time. And these can acquire them in the crypto exchanges of all Argentina.

This results in the exchange rate (price of the Dollar) at which you can access the purchase or sale of cryptomoney or better known as the Bitcoin Dollar.

First Argentine exchange listed: SatoshiTango

First things first, SatoshiTango is an Argentine crypto exchange founded in 2014 by Matías Bari, Mariano Craiem and Nicolás Loterspil. Today, it is one of the most important in the Republic. But will it be competitive in price with the other two?

At present, each BTC in this Argentine crypto exchange is quoted at 1,166,717 pesos. And with a Bitcoin price on the international markets of $9,160. We have the Bitcoin Dollar in SatoshiTango at 127.4 pesos.